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General manager and Yoga teacher

He has specialized in yoga, meditation, sound healing and plant medicine. His pedagogical approach gives his classes a unique touch of creativity, inspiration and well-being. «My intention is to create experiences that lead one to inner peace and a good familiarity with one’s inner universe».

Committed, encouraging, safe

Ida is a certified vinyasa and yin yoga teacher. Ida teaches powerful and playful vinyasa classes, leaving you feeling energized and uplifted. Her yin classes will be soothing, calming and grounding. She wants to help students build a stronger connection with their body, mind and spirit.

Inclusive, targeted, motivating

Regardless of what your goals are you cannot get there without a strong mind and body. I always make sure that people who have taken their time to show up get seen and pushed to their limits. The only way to progress and grow is through, and I will do my best to show you how to go through what you need to go through.

Playful, inclusive, engaging

Long experience in professional martial arts and general training. Good at motivation, push and creating commitment. Also has a background in alpine skiing, handball and dance. Engaged in a moody training with learning and mastery.

Open, present, playful

I go within myself to be aware of my breathing, so I can connect to myself, and to meet you, as you. I believe in individual steps, one by one, from the core and out. I do my best to practice abhyhasa (perseverance) and vairagya (detachment), and I hope that this practice can generate positive ripple effects to my surroundings.

Kind, empathetic, motivated

In my teaching I like to be creative and practical, I like to approach mind and body. I believe that yoga is for everyBODY. I teach and empower my clients to use yoga as a pragmatic and realistic tool that can help them to meet most difficult situations with courage and peace of mind.

Present, curious, challenging

I care about the holistic aspect of the human being, making people feel seen and always challenging you a bit out of your comfort zone in a playful and curious way. I have a passion for offering you the tools you may need for stress relief in everyday life, as well as meeting yourself in a genuine and healthy way.

Inclusive, committed and knowledgeable

One of my best qualities is that I am always energetic! I have an ability to see each individual, am passionate about helping and can offer good opportunities for development. Best at bodybuilding.

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