Cancellation terms

Our center is constantly growing and we are so thrilled! 

In return we’re experiencing a lot of last-minute cancellations and some people not showing up.

It is important to us that the people on the waiting lists also gets the opportunity to take part in the workout, in addition to being a smaller center that makes us vulnerable for no-shows. 

Our cancellation terms are therefore as follows: 

  • You must cancel 12 hours before the class starts, otherwise it will result in one dot
  • After three dots, you are locked out of the system for 10 days, but can pay out for NOK 195.
  • Check-in through our App or receptionist must take place no later than 60 minutes after the end of the class, otherwise it will result in a fee of NOK 100.

All members can now check in via our App, so check-in is now your responsibility 🙂

We wish you a nice session.

With best regards,
Team Mash Studios

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