Our story

Mash Studios is a modern studio in the heart of Oslo.

The founder of Mash Studio had a profound revelation about how important it is that we find balance through taking care of our body, mind and spirit. He noticed on himself and his fellow humans that we’re all experiencing a lot of mental and physical tensions based on our life story and lifestyle.

It was finally time to create Mash Universe, a multi universeal place filled with knowledge to create healing on all levels by healthy food, unique physical practice such as Yoga, meditation, Mix Martial Arts and dynamic training. It was finally time to share everything that helped him to reach a better well being mentally, physically and spiritually.

We are a hidden pearl in the middle of the big city chaos.. behind this door you’ll enter our secret oasis.

Mash Studios is a modern studio in the heart of Oslo. A planet in the Mash Universe focusing on strengthening your mind and body through meditative practices in our «White Room», or giving you a high pulse through dynamic exercises in our «Black Room» equipped with Infrared heating panels.

We offer training of the highest quality and want to be a studio where you achieve your goals and see progress. Whether it’s getting stronger or more present in everyday life, our skilled teachers will guide you. We offer modern facilities, PT hours, a nutritious selection in our Juice Bar, and not least varied and exciting group lessons. Our studio is fully equipped with rent out mats and everything else you might need to participate.

Find your Balance at Mash Studios.

Highest ranked studio in Bruce App.

Ranked as top 4 high-end gyms in Oslo.

Portrettbilde av Emil Meek

«På Balance kan du finne frem din indre kriger og sprenge dine egne grenser og under samme tak få guidance til å finne indre ro, tilstedeværelse og glede. Det er helt unikt.»

Emil Meek

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