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We are mash

Mash Studios is an innovative training studio hidden in a random Industry Building somewhere in between Barcode and Grønland. Yes – everything is possible.

We believe exercise should be balanced with pleasure, and we’re busy making and breaking the rules while building a community and fitness space like no other. At Mash everyone’s allowed to be themselves, but if you’re a quitter; then you ain’t one of us.

Our why

What do you do when your shrink tells you to do more yoga? Well, you open a yoga studio! The founder of Mash Studios had a revelation about how important it is to find balance through taking care of our body, mind and soul.

That’s why we decided to open our yoga studio in 2020 that later escalated into becoming our new concept “Mash Studios”. Mash is more than just a place to exercise; it’s your home outside home.

At Mash we offer Oslo’s widest selection of group classes held in an old industry building by top level instructors. We offer handpicked, sensory and brutal experiences by top class trainers. Our WHY is to inspire and to push the everyday athletes to reach their full potential. To be themselves, to not quit, and to try something new.

Sometimes it’s a bit chaotic here, it’s life! We support each other like we support our friends, and we’re not afraid of some tough love.

Oslos most unique classes

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Here you will find all Yoga classes taking place in our beautiful White Room.

Hot Yoga

A yoga session heated with an infrared radiant heating system. 


Join our concept boxing classes in our Black Room.

Face Yoga

Break the patterns of movements through which we hold this tension.

Dynamic strength

We use resistance to build strength, tone muscle, shed fat and burn calories.

Sound Meditation

Access the unconscious mind as we tune into these sounds and frequencies.

PT Classes

We offer skilled PT classes in yoga, martial arts, strength and rehabilitation. 

Juice Bar & Studio Shop

We offer refreshments, hand picked equipment and essentials from our Juice Bar.

Team building like never before

Boost Morale, Build Bonds: Workouts & Party Combo! Elevate your team’s spirit with our unique approach to team building. Say goodbye to mundane meetings and hello to high-energy workouts paired with a lively party atmosphere after.


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